Pellecchia Financial Services provides financial guidance to both individuals and small companies sharing common ideals:

  • Our clients are not impulsive risk takers. Instead they’re dedicated to maintaining and building their wealth using a carefully planned, methodical approach.
  • Our clients are successful individuals or highly profitable small companies interested in working with a wealth management professional. They realize that wealth management is a specialized profession utilizing investment planning skills and tools they may not possess at advanced levels.
  • Our clients goals are to enjoy their interests and work toward spiritual and personal objectives. They do not want to spend their time worrying about tax obligations, estate planning, retirement planning, and other financial responsibilities.
  • Our clients do not believe in, participate in, nor endorse unethical financial activities.
  • Our clients are searching for a trusted advisor willing to develop a wide-ranging and objective financial plan consistent with their goals.
  • Our clients appreciate the advantages of working with a professional financial advisor capable of evaluating and combining a range of financial disciplines to produce the desired results.
  • Our clients want to be kept abreast of all plans and decisions before, during, and after implementation.
  • Our clients prefer to work directly with the company’s owners and top management.